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Mojohaze Custom Guitars  

The "Lowe Redder"   -   Constructed of Red Oak and Poplar purchased from a local do-it-yourself store.

Zebra Stripes   -   Constructed of solid Honduran Mahogany.  Donated to an auction to raise money for the Collin County Children's Advocacy Center.

If You Can't Chamber... Lacquer   -   Featuring a chambered Mahogany back with a figured Maple top, a set Canary neck and fingerboard, and a thin nitro finish.

"Pepe"   -   Constructed of solid Swamp Ash with inlayed Bolivian Rosewood stripes, and a bolt-on Goncalo Alves neck with a Bolivian Rosewood fingerboard.

The "Soul Steeler"   -   Constructed of solid Swamp Ash with a custom Stainless Steel top plate.  The neck was pillaged from "Pepe".

The "Manditar"   -   Featuring a hollow Mahogany mandolin body with a carved Flame Maple top, and a 6-string, bolt-on Mahogany / Bolivian Rosewood mandolin-scale neck.

"Chester the Telester"   -   Constructed of African Mahogany with a Curly Maple top, and fitted with a bolt-on Bubinga neck with a Bocote fingerboard.

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