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Auschwitz I

I visited Auschwitz I on the same day as, but after, visiting Birkenau. My mind was semi-overwhelmed already, having just spent a couple of hours soaking in the cold, somber ruins of Birkenau. Auschwitz I was much smaller and confined than Birkenau, but still with reminders everywhere of the past cruelty of the place. Much of the awe of this Auschwitz camp is inside the buildings, in the rows of stories and pictures lining the hallways. I respected the posted requests to not take pictures inside the buildings, just as I had at Birkenau, so the digital reminders below may be somewhat less compelling than those of the other camp.

The main inside gate to Auschwitz, with the famous sign meaning "Work Makes Free". This picture was taken roughly one month before the sign was stolen and damaged, and replaced with a replica.

Inside the gate, the same barbed wire fences that lined Birkenau

A warning to those who contemplated "leaving" the gates

Guard stations and barbed wire secured the premises in all directions

The infamous "Wall of Death", where many thousands of prisoners were brought to be executed

A view from the inside out... no place to go

The outer buildings of the camp, where additional rooms displayed some of the various "collections" from the camp

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